2013 Ember Days

Looking ahead at the calendar for the coming year, the dates for the Ember Days are as follows:

  • Winter – December 19, 21, & 22 (coinciding with the Feast of St. Thomas)
  • Spring – February 20, 22 & 23
  • Summer – May 22, 24 & 25 (interestingly enough, the last overlaps with International Towel Day, held annually in honor of Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
  • Autumn – September 18, 20 & 21 (beginning on Wednesday alongside the Feast of Holy Wisdom)

Of course, we’re still winding up this year’s Ember Days with the Autumn Embers on September 19, 21 & 22. The last day coincides with my stepfather’s birthday. He has been terminally ill with cancer for some time now, though so far he has been in relatively good health (minus a week or two in the hospital for various things). However, as he has just decided to forego any further treatment we are unsure how much longer he has. My hope is that he will at least make it to September so that we may celebrate this birthday with him. That it should fall on the Ember Days seems somehow very appropriate.

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